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The KINGSBURY LAW FIRM is a firm dedicated to understanding the needs of his client’s.  The KINGSBURY LAW FIRM has helped hundreds of individuals navigate their way through their legal issues.  Choosing a law firm and trusting an attorney with your life is not an easy decision.  The KINGSBURY LAW FIRM is dedicated to representing each and every client zealously and with conviction.  The key to any good attorney is his or her ability to spot the issues, recognize the strength and weaknesses of each case, and develop a strategy to win the case.  Clients want and expect good results and will hire an attorney that is willing and able to win their case.

Each client has different issues and each case is unique in its facts and consequences.  For example, a felony DWI has much more serious consequences than a first DWI.  A blood test DWI is totally different than a breath test case.  In a breath test case the prosecutor must be able to extrapolate the breath test result to the time of driving while in a blood test case extrapolation as it is called does not have to be done.  Each case has unique facts subjecting the case possibly to a Motion to Suppress the Stop or a Motion to Suppress the Results of a Blood or Breath Test depending on the facts of each case.  In addition, a lawyer should do quite a bit of discovery, in addition to just getting the offense report and the videotape.  This discovery includes the Police Officers background, knowledge of the Field Sobriety Tests, knowledge of how to properly take a breath specimen or a blood specimen, all of which are grounds that subject the Police Officer to proper cross-examination and other grounds that may lead to a WIN for the client.  YOU HAVE ONLY 15 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF YOUR ARREST FOR A DWI TO SAVE YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.

In a family case, the client may be concerned about their child or children and may want to ensure that the child’s health, safety and welfare are protected and to ensure that the right amount of child support is given to the person who has primary custody and to ensure that the child and parent’s independent rights are protected.  In addition, most family clients want assurance that their case is being worked on and that they are being properly represented.  Your child support may need to be reduced.  The child support may need to be increased.  The courts have a standard that states 20 percent of a person’s net income, which includes overtime for one child.  25 percent for 2 children.  30 percent for 3 children. Assuming the parent who is paying child support does not have a duty t support any other children from a different relationship.

You need an attorney who can explain your legal rights, what they entail, and that will FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND FIGHT FOR YOU AS YOUR ATTORNEY.  It’s wise to hire an attorney as soon as you get a case.  Do NOT WAIT to hire an attorney as your rights may be waived.  Hopefully this introduction of THE KINGSBURY LAW FIRM will give you an idea of the quality of service we provide.

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